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Wireless Kit

The Hospitality Package

Most hotel customers on business (and increasingly personal) stays now require some sort of IT provision during their stay. From simply keeping in touch with their office or family via email, to being able to connect to their office network and transfer reports and data quickly, the benefits for customers are huge. The benefits to hotels themselves are also significant - if you are able to offer a no-fuss Internet connection either in your lounge or their rooms, there is less need for them to leave your hotel, which means they are more likely to spend extra on food and drink with you! We can supply a wide range of solutions to suit your particular needs and budget; an easy to use and unobtrusive wireless network is simple and cheap to have installed.

We can offer you:
  • Draytek Vigor 2600vg ADSL router/wireless gateway
  • 2 PCMCIA or USB wireless devices for guest use
  • 2 laminated wireless configuration sheets for guest use
  • Fixed network wiring to one PC
  • Full system installation, configuration and user training
Total price for Hospitality wireless package


(Setup outwith Highland Region extra)
Hotspot Kit

The Hospitality Hotspot Package

Are your customers willing to pay for access to broadband? Or do you want to keep a tight track of guest access? We can offer you this customised hotspot package which will allow you to sell Internet access on a pay as you go basis. All you need to complete this package is a ADSL enabled telephone line and a PC for the salesperson to use to generate the necessary tickets and to attach the hotspot ticket printer to - why not add one of our desktop PCs to the package?

  • Draytek Vigor 2600 ADSL router
  • Hotspot wireless router
  • Hotspot ticket printer (for pay-as-you-go usernames and passwords)
  • Customised login pages with your advertising
  • Full system installation, configuration and user training
Total price for Hospitality Hotspot wireless package


(Setup outwith Highland Region extra - if you can't get ADSL we can work with you and still provide a hotspot with 56K dialup/64-128K ISDN/Satellite contact us)

Small Office Package

If you need to equip a small office in the Highlands with IT equipment quickly, efficiently with complete hardware and software support in the years to come, then you're looking at the right place. What you pay for in this package is the total cost for your IT equipment delivered, installed, configured to your satisfaction. Your only costs on top of this regarding IT is the licensing costs of what software you choose to run if you wish to use Sage or other industry specific applications or depending on your business needs, we may be able to recommend entirely free, open source software.

We can offer you:

  • Draytek Vigor 2600 ADSL router/wireless gateway (US Robotics router+56k modem if dialup connectin/3com ISDN router if ISDN)
  • 1 fully configured server complete with UPS and TFT monitor options
  • 4 fully configured desktops
  • Duplexing laser printer
  • Colour inkjet printer
  • Structured network wiring (Category 5e/6 depending on site)
  • User training

Total price for Small Office package


(Setup outwith Highland Region extra, maintenance extra)

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