For most small or medium sized companies, having an IT support department is cost prohibitive. We maintain PCs, servers and networks of all sorts for customers across Scotland, why not let us be your IT department — with a local touch. If your needs are more straightforward and don't justify a full blown service level agreement, we are also happy to work on an as-required basis - just give us a call when you're stuck!

For customers with more than one or two PCs we recommend a Service Level Agreement, where for a very reasonable fixed monthly cost we look after your systems proactively and assist you with any issues that may present themselves.

We offer three standard levels of Service Level Agreement (Amber, Opal and Sapphire) which we then customise to suit your requirements and budget; these service level agreements can cover servers and equipment supplied by us or existing devices supplied by others, so long as they are considered suitable by us following an on-site visit.

Examples of Work covered by SLAs:

Daily Weekly Monthly Annually
Backup user data and critical files as necessary Check server logs Review users and objects on the network to make sure that there are no intruders, obsolete accounts, or unauthorized accounts Perform hardware preventative maintenance
Check storage device statistics Check backup devices Load test UPS batteries
Review daemon statistics Check server drives for errors
Update OS and Application security patches

As with all we do though, everything is tailored to your specific requirements and requests.