Wired or WiFi, networking has never been so important as it is today; homes and offices are full of devices which require a reliable Internet connection. Whatever you need connected, we've got decades of networking experience to put at your disposal

Wireless Networks

These days WiFi is seen by many as an essential part of civilisation, almost on a par with electricity. We have provided WiFi connectivity to (amongst many others!) barns and building sites, castles and care homes, farms and factories, hotels, holiday homes and historic buildings, community centres, churches and cafes.

We have nearly 20 years of professional experience with wireless networking, starting in the bad old days when all your devices had to be from the same manufacturer to have any signficant chance of working together and security was almost unheard of. Thankfully these days with the right equipment for the situation, correctly configured, it can be made to work reliably, quickly and securely; just tell us what you would like to achieve and we will get you connected.

Whether you need managed WiFi coverage over a large building or complex of buildings, secure WiFi for your business and isolated guest WiFi for your customers/visitors, or if you need to link two distant properties over the fields - we can help you too, please contact us!

Wired Networks

Even the best WiFi networks cannot match a properly configured wired network for sheer speed and reliability; all too often though we come across office networks which have grown in a sporadic and unplanned manner into an unwieldy and unreliable mess which people are frightened to touch in case it all stops working again! No matter how tangled a mess your network has become (or even if it has served you well but you need more speed or capacity) we can help sort it out and ensure it is ready for growth in a more structured fashion (there is something very satisfying in this, it's one of the most rewarding tasks, if not always the simplest!)